No video signal (GIGABYTE GA-890XA )

I am assembling a new computer. New motherboard (GIGABYTE GA-890XA), with new 8G RAM, new power supply (650W), new CPU Phenom II X6 and water cooled. I am not getting any video output. I tried 3 different PCI based gfx cards and rotated then between the two PCI slots. I tried a PCIeX16 gfx card between the two PCIe slots.

The cpu fan works, the gfx fan works and the power LED is on. I don't have any drives connected. However the monitor displays nothing and no video signal is detected.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Bad Motherboard?
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  1. You probably need to flash the bios for your new 6 core amd. You can either send the board in to Gigabyte, or buy a cheap am3 sargas cpu for around $30 just to flash the bios.
  2. you better change the mother board GiGABYTE, one of my friend also taken the Gigabyte he had also same problem so he had changed the motherboard ,GiGABYTEhas some problems you better change or replace the old one and get new.
  3. Might want to look at these:
    The hexacores, in general, seem not to be able to initialize on older BIOS - I've been recommending a cheap Sempron as 'the cure' - just need it to flash the BIOS...
  4. Try to reassemble your mobo on the cardbox it came in, with only cpu, cpufan, 1 stick of mem in slot 1, beeper(!) and video. Don't attach any hard drives, restart that way few times, till you get a clear one beep and post screen. Then load optimized defaults, connect one HD, preferably non-partitioned and see if you can get the same 1 beep, post screen and "no boot disk found". When restarting that way, physically unplug the power each time and wait few seconds. See what you get that way.
  5. There's a link to a troubleshooting checklist in my signature. I would perform every step in the checklist before assuming you have a hardware problem. The checklist will help narrow down the problem.
  6. I would say these guys are right on, since it is a new processor, you might have gotten a board with a BIOS revision made before the CPU came out.
  7. It was incompatible memory.
  8. Well, do tell us more! What RAM did you start out with? What did you wind up with, that worked? Would it work 'one stick at a time? The next guy buying one of these needs to know before clicking that 'confirm order' button [:isamuelson:8]
  9. I had ECC RAM and the motherboard did not support ECC RAM.

    (Note: he board software needs to have ability where I can select my own answer as best answer).
  10. Aahh! Yup, that makes sense, ECC is mostly one of those 'server things'...

    (Note: he board software needs to have ability where I can select my own answer as best answer)

    Ummm - there's a problem with that. The board has some kind of ditzy 'points' system, and some people apparently give a rat's petoot about it - you get points for posting questions, and points for being selected 'best answer', so we'd have a flood of dipsticks, posting and selecting the post itself as best answer!
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