Computer freezes when accessing harddrive

I recently upgraded my computer (CPU, MOBO, RAM and VGA) and kept my old hard drives which were working.

When i try to boot the computer it would freeze when i try to load windows and sometimes windows loads then eventually freezes.

When i boot the computer it says "harddrive is not recognized" or something along those lines however when i look in the BIOS it is definitely reading it.

I tried to reformat as as soon as i get to the "expanding windows files" or what ever it freezes. One time i got up to 14% before freezing... but it's unavoidable.

I even attempted to use another harddrive and got the same problems.

Could some one help me out, please? I'd really wish to get this computer running by tomorrow!
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  1. Hello... you could be losing power to the hardrive... check the power cable and look to see if one of the molex pins is pushing back out... if using them... What about a different cable for communication too?
  2. I tried different power cables, sata cables and harddrives. My power supply was from my previous setup and it was working before i put the new stuff in. I don't know! So frustrating.
  3. What is you PSU?

    Does it happen to any drive that you connect to your PC or just one particular drive?

    When you connect the drive and then boot and go into BIOS and see what are settings of the HDD.
  4. My power supply is an Ultra LSP 650W that i had from my previous computer. It was working fine and booted on my previous setup earlier today.

    I'm not sure if this stuff is hd related... or what you need to know but:

    SATA Config: IDE Mode
    External SATA Controller Config: IDE Mode
    HPET: Enabled

    Boot device priority: usb key, usb cd/dvd, cd/dvd, harddrive
  5. I did some problem isolation and i no longer believe this has anything to do with the harddrive. If i remove the videocard and run off the onboard video i can load windows just fine.

    I've tried other videocards and have the same issue so i am quite sure the problem is either the motherboard or some sort of setting option in the bios. The computer works just fine if i run it with onboard video however as soon as i plug a videocard in i can no longer load into windows.

    I requested an RMAed on my board but i feel like it's not really the issue... anyone have any other ideas of possible issues?

    This thread probably shouldn't be in the storage forum anymore but i'm not quite sure where it belongs.
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