SLI Flickers with 195.62!?


I have this old 680i machine with two 8800GTXs that I have not had any problems with in a while. Not since when Vista was young. Anyhow I got Vista 64 and Win 7 64 both installed, and when I installed 195.62 and I turn on SLI in games the whole screen flickers like a bad flourescent light bulb (only in a game including startup logo pages). Rolling back to 191.07 fixes this. Also disabling sli and or re-enabling this fixes it, but after a reboot it comes back. I have recently upgraded my PSU to a corsair 1000HX as my old 1KW PC Power and cooling psu had issues with the machine shutting of suddenly after hours of gameplay. Haven't had that problem since the new psu even though that problem would occur rarely. So back to 191.07 which I can confirm is safe as I did hours of testing in two different os installs. Does this sound like a driver problem or a bad card or motherboard? Oh I also tried swapping the SLI bridge!

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  1. Well I'm not seeing this on Vista32 and although my 8800's are G92's the chipset and driver version are the same and I'm only using a 620w PSU.
  2. the 195.62 drivers caused heavy artifacting for my 8800gt. i switched back to 181.22 drivers. problem fixed (for me).
  3. Sorry, but the 8800GTX cards are based on the old G80 chips and nVidia isn't really fixing issues for those cards. Basically you're SOL for new drivers and should simply stick to the driver version that works best for you.
  4. I've had no problems with 195.62. Are you OCing your cards?
  5. What monitor do you use?
    Sometimes an error causes the screen resolution to switch to 1080i or the refresh rate to 24 Hz, thus the screen flickers.
  6. I have a Samsung 204B 1600x1200 LCD panel. Your theory sounds interesting. How do I go about to test this out?

  7. Update: setting res to 1280x720 and running Farcry benchmark at 1280x720 59hz resolves the flicker issue, however running at 60hz brings it back. This doesn't work if I set my res to the native 1600x1200 res. I think your right this is a refresh rate error in that the drivers are setting an incorrect refresh rate when a game launches. Tried setting a custom res but could not get it to take at 32 bit color depth. I even update my monitors drivers which did nothing. So it looks like I'm stuck at 191.07...

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