I think i fried my mobo or cpu...

The age old thrread of some idiot asking aboutfried equipment, so i decided to overclock my new build last night after getting home from drinking, set the max cpu ratio to something like 45 and upped the voltage by about two levels from stock, dont remember exactly whatnumber, ran a stress test and the machine shut of during it, now when i try to turn it on fans spin lights turn on and i get beepbeepbeep.....beepbeepbeeep and the mobo reads "dO" (cpu initialazation error), i cleared cmos/reset bios a million diff ways and i get the same thing...

Since i get the "do" off mobo is it ok? Does the cpu initialazion failure mean its fried? Plz help guys

Intel i5 3570k sandybridge
Geoforce Gtx 570
8gigs of vengance ram
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  1. put out the cpu and reseat correctly, but i think sounds like cpu is dead.
  2. Solved myself but thanks for the reply
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