Can my PSU support Crossfire 5850's?

Right now I am scratching my head with some of the cables with my psu.

A single 5850 requires TWO pci-e 6 pins right?

So TWO 5850's would require FOUR 6-pins.

My PSU has 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 8-Pin and the 8-pins confuse me.

Also, there are two cords that go 8pin female to 6-pin male (normal 6pin) but to hook it up I need male/male, as the female plugs are on the GPU and the PSU itself.

Can my PSU even support Crossfire 5850's? How?

Or do I have to get a PSU that has 4x 6pin and no 8pins?
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    Are those the two cords that are confusing you? If so you would take one of the 8 pin PCI-E cables and plug it into the 8 pin female connector on both the PSU and the adapter cable, and plug the 6 pin male end of the cable into the GPU. It shouldnt have a problem supporting 2 5850s as it is a good 750W unit.
  2. Yes, those are the cables which confused me.

    Thank you.

    I had the 8-pin to 6-pin on the wrong side.
    It was confusing because the box shape and other shape didn't line up, and I assumed both sides were the same.

    Once I read the labels more closely I checked and it all fits right. Thanks!
  3. Quote:
    I'm interested in whether you system is even capable of running 2 5850's.....

    What do you mean?

    And why does that matter to you? lol
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