Which monitor should I use? 1920x1080 2ms or 1920x1200 5ms

I've been using my hp w2408h as a tv for my room and recently purchased a sceptre x246w. Both of these have hdmi and built in speakers. I use my computer mostly for movies, browsing, and some shooters (although I op'd to not purchase mw2 and am waiting for bad company 2). I need help deciding which one I should use as a monitor and which one as tv. The sceptre has a resolution of 1920x1080 but have a faster response time at 2ms while the hp has a higher resolution of 1920x1200 but a response time of 5ms. When I'm into an FPS I play it daily so the response time might be more valuable to me than the resolution. The big difference though is that the hp has a 90 degree rotable screen and a 3 port usb hub. So what I'm asking is the reponse time that big of a difference and should just go for the higher resolution and make the spectre my tv from now on?
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    19 x 12 would be better for gaming as some games do not have a 19 x 10 res by default and 3ms is not a major biggie and I doubt you'll notice the difference.
  2. I vote 19200 x 1200 .... great to have choice to play at 1920 x 1080 in window mode and have that extra 120 pixel strip across bottom to pop in and out of game.

    these are 2 ms btw
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