Cant figure out what's making my computer freeze

I need some help figuring out what is freezing my computer up. Whenever I load up something intensive in my cpu (usually opening apps in Facebook, copying a lot of files from a usb at the same time, or playing a graphics intensive game like borderlands in my 4 year old rig) my monitor will close and open up repeatedly sometimes showing the "signal not found" screen. My computer then stutters and locks and then I am forced to hard start it again.

I already replaced the old HDD and my old powersupply but I stil have this problem. I am suspecting my video card is bad, the motherboard is giving away or my cpu is crapping up.

Are there any ways to test this?

My specs are Pentium 4 2.6ghz, 7300gt ddr2
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  1. System specs - including the old and new parts?
  2. MOBO: asus p4v800-dx (3yr old mobo)
    HDD: 60gb samsung (new) 40gb itachi (6yr old hdd)
    Video card: inno3d 7300gt ddr2 (3yr old card)
    PSU: Generic 550w(old- 1year) Generic 350w(new)
    Core: Pentium 4 socket 468 2.6ghz (6year old)
    Memory: 4pcs 512mb ddr400 Kingston ram (all 1 year old)
  3. CPU and GFX temps ?

    Run memtest ? Run OCCT or any other torture tests ?
  4. Havent tried running torture tests and how can I check the cpu temp? i used cpuiz hdmonitor and my pentium 4 temps arent showing. Ill try running some. How would I determine which one of the parts are acting up?

    I noticed that when running certain programs like warcarft 3, plant versus zombies, idling the computer and just plain browsing the net my pc doesnt freeze that immediately but when I open facebook or other sites like it and other games after a few secs or even immediately it starts to act up. It might give me a clue to whats the problem.
  5. Got my speedfan test back. it says

    GPU:51 degrees Celsius
    System: 35 degrees celsius
    CPU: 41 degrees
    Aux: 47 degrees
    HD0: 31 degrees
    Core: 50 degrees

    doesnt seem like overheated to me. what do you think? will try torture testing next
  6. suggest you to double the backplate, if it is grounded the USB connector.
    it sound very much like the USB port is grounded the backplate.
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