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Hi, I've recently upgraded my 2500k w/ asrock x4 gen 3 board and was easily able to OC it at 4.3 no voltage change on an H60 cooler. My problem now is that i have a 3570k on an asrock fatality profressional board and a H100 cooler which I will need to replace due to it not fitting in my antec df-35 case. My 2 questions are, what is the highest stable overclock without changing the voltage and what is the best cooler(performance for price) that will sustain around 4.5gigs which is what i plan on maxing out at. Thank you!! Oh and yes I have read around and know that the new IB has highly susceptible to heating.
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  1. If you don't mind the H80 it's got a hell of a kick! It's a little loud with the stock fans though so I would get some aftermarket ones. I mention the H80 because it has performance comparable to the H100 and NH-d14 but w/o all the bulkiness and stress on the motherboard. I moved from and H60 to and H80 and the difference was over 15c load. other than that I would go with the NH-d14. You won't get any better than that unless you go to full on water cooling:)
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