Sandisk cruzer 4gb usb flash drive formatting full size

How can I make the full 4GB available to copy files onto. At the moment it shows 3.72gb when in explorer format page.
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  1. The size is correct. Ad industry uses decimal system to advertise size while computers reads and writes in binary. That is the reason for discrepancy,
  2. First of all, whenever you format any drive (SSD, HDD, flash drive, whatever), you're going to lose some space from the advertised size. This is because manufacturers assume 1000 bytes equals 1 megabyte and 1000 megabytes equals 1 gigabyte and so on when in reality, 1024 bytes equals 1 megabyte and 1024 megabytes equals 1gigabyte and so on. I have no idea why they are allowed to do this, but with any drive you're going to get slightly less space than advertised. The maximum amount of space you're going to get is 4000000/(1024^2) = 3.81GB. The remaining .09gb is probably taken up by the partition that holds the U3 software which is very difficult to get rid of. You can start with the following link to get rid of that:
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