Which one is better

what is the better cooler

the noctua nh-c14 with 2 140mm fans

the noctua nh-u12p SE2

the noctua nh-c12p SE14

the cooler master TPC 812 vapour chamber cooler

i would like to know which one is the coolest and hich one is the best bang for the buck

also, can you tell me which ones will fit in a fractal define r3 or corsir carbide 300r?
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  1. the c14 with 2 fans are great for situations where you have a case that doesnt have that much space and the d14 is great for cases with lots of space. not to mention the best cooling out of all of them
  2. i have a fractal define r3. will the d14 fit
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    if it is to fit it will be a very tight squeeze
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