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i have a GIGABYTE GA-890XA motherboard and it's not working with the Phenom II 1090 3.2G MB (no video). I have read some posts about flashing the BIOS. I can't flash it if i can't see the BIOS. I am thinking of replacing it and getting another MB. There's ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3. Are there other good ones which directly support the CPU without flashing? The MB needs to have at least 1 PCI slot and support DDR3 ram.
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  1. That Asus, the GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H and there are more.
  2. Hi.

    What budget do u have for the mobo? Or u can use a borrow CPU that support the mobo and flash the BIOS.
  3. Budget is $200. I am going to get another MB and test. If the first MB is bad, i will return it. It sucks I have to buy extra components for testing. I don't have a spare MB to test the CPU and a space CPU to test the MB!
  4. This Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 is a very solid mobo and support the X6 1090T without problems.
  5. What did you do to trouble shoot ? Run ram in slots 3+4. Is the ram on the boards list. Run with 1 stick of ram. Move that stick around. Pull and re-seat video card. Does the board have an 8pin 12v connector and you're using a 4pin only. What bios did it come with. Is the board v1 or v2. Is you power supply good enough for the build. Do you have the board wired right. Did you reset the cmos.
  6. Installed one and two sticks. MB beeps when no ram was installed. Didn't check boards list. MB has main and 8pin power hooked. I tried 4 different gfx cards (3 PCI and 1 PCIe) and moved them around the slots so I am positive it's not the gfx card. PSU (650W) is brand new and premium quality and works fine. Don't know which BIOS but MB is supposed to be compatible with the CPU. This fact is mentioned on NewEgg's site.

    CPU water cooler is very hot. Something is not right about the CPU and i am not sure if the MB is causing the CPU to run very hot. Can it?

    No drives are connected. Just the gfx card.

    I didn't reset the CMOS.
    Board is V1. Now sure why this matters.
  7. CPU water block is hot....... not air bound is it ? Enough liquid to circulate ? Got thermal paste on it ? Is the heat sink coming in proper contact with the processor ? You didn't crank down one side and then the other..... a few turns on one and then on the other.... CPU voltage may be high causing heat and therefore won't start up...???
  8. Everything is brand new except for the gfx card. The water cooler is tight on the cpu and installed very well. It's probably saving the CPU from a meltdown if the CPU is not damaged already! CPU cooler motor and radiator fan are running so this tells me the MB is giving proper power to them. gfx card fan is running.

    What voltage should the 8pin aux power give to the MB? 5v?
  9. Without having it front of me I'm out of ideas. You did install the processor right ? Pick up and flip the lever , put in processor and move the lever back ? Not knocking you and may sound stupid but there are people who have done this. And it is in right... meaning the mark on the processor is lined up with the mark on the slot....
  10. It's in right. There's only one way for it to sit properly. I found out that the PSU might be bad. The psu tester shows that there's no -5V output.
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