Cleaning out my rad.....WOAH

is it bad that i just put bleach in my rad, shook it up...(it came out brown), then put vinegar in it, shook that up and it came out BLUE??? is this some chemical reaction im not aware of? cause im afraid im damaging my radiator.

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    Was this a brand new rad or a routine flush job?
    If from factory its possible the bleach reacted with flux or any chemical residue left in there from manufacturing,
    Bleach is an alkali as far as I can remember and you mixed vinegar (Acid) so that may also be part of the answer, but generally a mix of distilled and maybe 10% white vinegar is used to flush new rads,
    I've not heard of anyone using bleach before :-)
    Keep flushing with the mix I mentioned until it flows clear,
    Maybe set the loop up with a bucket of it and cycle it for a hour
    Then rinse with plain disitlled before building/rebuilding the loop
  2. hey thanks. its not BRAND new, its fairly new though. some algae started to grow because i didnt have any pt nuke or anything. and if you use that solution you suggested, why would you keep running the same stuff though that you just flushed out? or are you saying since the bucket contains so must water that it would hardly see anything thats already been in the loop...?
  3. You flush it through for a while to flow any crap out and it ends up in the bucket, then you throw that away, and rinse the loop with some fresh clean distilled,
    I use about 10L of it and walk away for about four hours, rinse with a fresh 5L then drain and refill,
    My own loops a bit different to most though and can't be removed from the Pc, I have to flush it in situ,
    old photo but I still flush it the same these days, and my radbox gets looped separately at the same time

    If the rad has been used previously then the blue was just the reaction between the bleach and vinegar, put small amounts in a cup to replicate the effect, I'm going to when I gt home in the morning hehe
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  5. Thank you for B.a. man, enjoy the rest of the flush and rebuild :-)
    And no bleach next time ok? :-p
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