Really Bad Sound from Mobo/Cpu -- HELP!

Hey Everyone,

I am posting here as i have recently built a new gaming rig but i am having some un-expected "problems" which i have been unable to fix.

The computer has been built for 24 hours and seems to be running fine on the technical side of things. (no error messages, games running smoothly and all drivers installed) The wiring inside the computer is all correct aswell.

THE PROBLEM: There is a high pitched sound which is emmitted. On closer inspection it appears to be coming from either the motherboard or CPU. I have checked all the fans and GPU and HDD and PSU for any sound (removing 1 at a time as a factor) with no prevail.

I have read some articles which say this can be fixed via the changing on BIOS settings but i am unsure or how to do this and if it is needed. If someone could help me fix this it would be greatly appreciated as the high pitched sound is very loud. I can take a video and upload it if need be.....

Also the Sata 3 drive seems to be a lot louder then other drives i have had in the past. Is this normal?

First of all here is the Specs of the Computer:

CPU: i7930 (factory cooler atm)
Mobo: X58A-UD5
GPU: 2x HD5770 OC
PSU: Antex TPQ 850 Watt
Case: HAF 932
Ram: Corsair 3x2Gb tri series 1600mhz
HDD: 1x Sata 3 WD 1T
1x Sata 2 Seagate 1T (both are 7200rpm i think)

Monitor: 24" Asus VH242 (running at 1920x1080)
+ i have anouther 19" attached to second GPU which is just extending the desktop.

OS= Win7 64bit Prof.
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  1. I would disconnect all the drives and start from there. You may have a fan touching a wire or noise from the power supply, etc. If it runs well, I wouldn't mess with the bios except to use the smartfan feature, if the cpu fan is too noisy. It works with any 4 pin cpu fan, and has to be calibrated. I use the "quiet" setting.
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