Using Batch Files to untick boxes.

Hi All,

Im writing a batch file that i will be using to change my ip address and i also have to unpick some boxes which is where im having the trouble and was wondering if anyone can help.

When in Network Connections and then Local Area Connection Properties in a menu here there are five connection and i need to unpick the top four and was wondering if anyone can help with this.

Thank you.
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  1. I don't think a batch file can interact with a GUI. Normally a batch file will set or unset some property which gets reflected in the GUI as checked or unchecked. If you batch file only interacts with one connection, the others will be left alone.
  2. It does seem to look that way. I was hoping that you could just disconnect them then at the end call another batch file that reconnects them. Looks like i will have to look into it and doing it with some scripting language. Thanks For the reply.
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