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Morning Everyoine,

Ok running into a few issues and looking for some help.

My home is built of 2 foot stone walls so the wireless signal is very bad in some areas of the house, so as i have 2 spare routers here i thought i would turn them into access points.

My main router is a Netgear and i have enabled bridging on that. I then went into setup of the other 2 and diabled the DHCP, Firewall and UPNP on them named them and put a password on them. I then changed the ip address on them, now this is where i might have gone wrong.

My ip address for my main router is so i changed one to and the other to 192.168.210 i have a few other things with fixed ip address too like a hp media server also my pc is and then the laptop and popcorn hour and other parts use 0.4,0.5,0.6.

Now all these (routers) are connected to my main router and both my pc, laptop and iphone can pick up all 3 routers and when i enter passcodes can access the internet but i cannot now get back into the settings menu (default on linksys to change anything if i need to. I tried the new ip address but it just times out.

Any advice would be great
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  1. Are these routers bridged over wireless or wire?

    Please provide the make & model of ALL your routers.
  2. You might have a look at this:

    the principles remain the same regardless of brand
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