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Need Help! Ironing out final details of build (NZXT Phantom)

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to iron out a few unsure details before I go ahead and order my kit, if anyone can help with this, please take the time to help me out. :)

Specs you may need to know of my Pc build are:

Case: NZXT Phantom (full tower)
Chipset: Gigabyte X58-UD3R (Rev 2.0)
Ram: G-skill Ripjaws
CPU: Intel i7 970 socket: 1366
GPU: Radeon Saphirre 6970 Flex Edition.

It's nothing crazy, but basically what i'm ordering is a XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 CPU Water Cooling Kit, but my supplier is changing some things out and replacing for me at extra cost of course, these are the changes i'm changing:

~ Replacing the RS360 Rad with a EX360 Rad (Thanks for the recommendation moto.)
~ Replacing the stock CPU block with a flash new Raystorm intel block.
~ Replacing the standard tubing with PrimoFlex PRO LRT Tubing UV Blue or a Danger Den DreamFlex All-In-One Pack - 3/8" (5/8" OD), Black/UV Blue
~ also throwing in a few killcoils. Possibly two more uv lights.

Now my first question was whether the danger Den tubing will even fit the kits barbs, as it is a different size?

Also, I understand the Ex 360 Rad will fit inside my case up the top but I want to know how much clearance i will have for my ram? or if i will even have any clearance?
I'd like to have the rad inside the case and the fans below the rad so i could have the future possibility of putting some extra fans above the case under the top shell.

I dont think i have any other questions as of now. will ask if I can think of any more.

As always Quick responses are appreciated guys as i am looking at ordering my kit on wednesday next week.

Cheers everyone,
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  1. okay

    1| might want to looka t the xspc raystorm kit/xspc raystorm extreme kit on frozencpu/dazmode
    2| about case, well teh rad dimensions are given on the respective sites...even after you have a look at the rad dimensions, might want to peek over the fence onto OCn and check out eh official NZXT phantom case owners club. It'll serve as inspiration and workarounds you may need for a case like that with a 360 inside the case.
    3| if you can't fit the rad via modding, might want to look at the xspc standoffs for mounting a rad externally.

    now that thas aside:
    first question was whether the danger Den tubing will even fit the kits barbs, as it is a different size?
    kit barbs will work okay, its compression fittings that'll cause a mess with different dia tubing
    I want to know how much clearance i will have for my ram? or if i will even have any clearance?
    see |2|

    my 2 cents though :)
  2. Cheers Lutfij! at least someone has offered their two cents :) we'll i've come some way since i posted this, i've decided to go with the idea of ordering all my parts seperately now so i can have a better setup more suited to my case.

    I've also measured that from the roof to the ram i have roughly 55mm so i can fit a 30mm or smaller rad in there without any modifications, which is prefered.
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    :) good to see your moving along well. However, You might want to consider that with the rad mounted inside case like you've stated - you tend to suck up heat heat from all the components in the case and raise the rads temps, if placed with the fans in push or pull in exhaust mode.

    If you have the fan push or pull in intake you tend to remove heat away from the cpu and dump it back inside case.

    rads work better when they are in push/pull setup or in tandem with a shroud in either push or pull as this eliminates the dead spot behind the motor of the fan.

    well, a custom loop is highly appreciated and will give you dividends over time :) good on ya!

    FYI, a 30mm rad means the rad will no doubt have a high FPI count meaning you'll need a fan blower to hose those rads and your ears will be begging for mercy :P
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  5. thank you for the BA vote :)
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