Budget light gaming 300 - 500$

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within couple weeks or a month
BUDGET RANGE: <500 Before Rebates around 400 would be great
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: light Gaming, surfing, watching / downloading movies, multi-tasking
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Already have: Keyboard, Mouse, LCD Screen
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg? dont really matter as lnog as reliable

Radeon HD 4770 512MB

ASRock M3A770DE

Not Sure about cpu 2x or 3x originaly i was thinking just take a cheap 2x but is it good enough?

Memory getting cheap donno if i should get 2 or just 4 gig (i wan 4 but im getting cheap)

i would like atleast 250 hd

ppowersupply no idea

thats about what i was thinking that i remmeber would appreciate anyones help thx thx
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  1. choices seems cool only thing is isnt power supply a bit weak ? or cuz i dont need much
  2. ^ wouldnt require more power...The HD 4770 doesnt consume much power at all...
    The EA 380 is a Bronze certied PSU, which is say equivalent to a low quality 500W PSU but still far better in terms of Quality...

    But if you are still concerned about it or you might get a more powerful graphics card like the HD 4870/ 4890/ HD 58xx series, then get this Case + PSU
    A good quality case with a very good PSU...but would cost more though...

    Or this...
    OCZ 500

    $100 before shipping | $80 After reabtes not including shipping...
  3. Dam This *** adds up so much more in Canadian money dam :D i might back down :\
  4. ^ The change the CPU to the X2 240 and for now get 2x1GB RAM(Though 4GB would be a good option)
  5. im not sure i can find the asrock motherboard in canada

    What would be a good alternative?

  6. ^ Yes...that is a very good option...
  7. Hate to be the one to bring this up, but why no OCing? This is the budget range where you can see insane benefits from it.
  8. because this is my first build and im still noob so i dont want to complecate things
    and simply cuz theres not much use to it cuz im not doing anything that requires so much

    just want to build decent cheap comp since my old comp is really really old
    i guess i will have to wait a bit for holiday sales to buy it a bit cheaper
    pity i missed the black friday made my mind too late :(
  9. A-DATA 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333G (PC3 10666) $96.99

    Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case 300 $58.99 CAD

    OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W $42.53

    AMD Athlon II X2 240 $65.09

    Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P $86.67

    Western Digital SE16 500GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB Cache 8.9MS 3.5IN NCQ Hard Drive OEM 3YR MFR Warranty $59.62

    This is my latest build in mind... What you guys think?
    I got a few questions..
    Since i live in canada its kinda hard to find the samsung spinpoint so i wanted to ask yall what would be a good alternative? i saw alot WD HD blue green black dont know whats all the big diff?? what u guys suggest ? i chose one donno if its good ?
    And is it ok to buy it OEM or should i be better finding a retail one?

    Also if i wanted to reduce cost could i buy slow rams like ddr 800 ? or u guys think its not worth it? i rather stick with these good ones?

    Im feeling kinda wierd for being so cheap on the processor? what you guys think? does it relly matter?

    Forgot to add teh video card

    XFX HD-477A-YDFC Radeon HD 4770 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 $120.99

    Im considering the 4670 since its cheaper what you guys think? is this card version worth it with the better fan then the other 4770 cheap ones ?
  10. Best answer
    ^ That is good...
    As for your questions.,
    HDD - Go with the Seagate 7200.12 500GB drives...they have similar performance as the Samsung and are pretty good...

    RAM - It is a DDR3 and not DDR2 RAM...So going below 1333MHz speed is not advisable(though you can get a DDR1066MHz CAS 7)

    CPU - if you feel that CPU might be weak(but not actually is weak thogh), get the X3 425...It is a Tri-Core, and performs very well...

    Graphics card - For your resolution, a more powerful card is better, but if you dont game frequently and dont bother turning down the settings to low, to get smoother gameplay, then get the HD 4670...Here is a very good card at a good price...
    Price valid till Dec hurry...

    And as for that HD 4770, you get better warranty with XFX...
  11. thx alot for your help i really appreciate it
    one more thing though :D

    Do you think i would get significant rebate if i wait for christmas or boxing day ? or as low as it is it wont change much ?

    This shud be good ?
    Lg GH22NS50 Black 22X Sata Dvd Writer Oem
  12. ^ The DVD is fine...
    And as for rebates and discounts, you might get good offers near to Christmas...
    There were very good offers during Black you can expect atleast some during Christmas...
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