Which memory to choose? ddr3

I already got
in my
biostar 790gx a3+

I was wondering if going with
would be ok considering I already have 4gb of the other ram (same company everything but it runs at a different voltage)
1.65V instead of the 1.5V of the ram I already have installed?

What type of a difference does the voltage have anyways?

if anyone know of any other cheaper 4gb ddr that 1333 kits that might work a suggestion would be great too

is it worth paying the extra 29 bucks to know its going to work in my motherboard with the others? lol
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    Adding 4GB more to ur rig will be a waste of money unless that u use many adobe applications at the same time.

    Now i would change the RAM for this one since have better CL and speed.
  2. saint19,
    What differs these Ripjaws to the ECO models? (Besides the 1.35v...)

    Same clock speed (1600) and same CL (7).

    I just want to understand why most of the people recommends these Ripjaws instead of the ECO ones... ^^
  3. so the lower the # for the cas latency and the lower the # for the timing the better the ram is correct?

    when would the voltage of the ram become a factor?
  4. @cmaki200: Yeah, a lower CL and higher speed means a better RAM. The voltage for DDR3 must be 1.65V or less, above of that ur CPU and memory controller can be damaged.

    @SeF: The voltage as u say, but bear in mind that with less voltage use less power and produce less heat. Why the Ripjaws and not the ECO? only for price/performance.
  5. So, use less power (save more energy) and produce less heat (run cooler).
    I thought that the perfomance would be the same (CL7 + 1600Mhz), technically. Does the timing make the difference here?
  6. Yeah, same performance but the ECO series can give u a little OC possibilities over the Ripjaws since u can rise the voltage of the ECO and not of the Ripjaws.
  7. thanks saint
  8. Any time, that's why we are here. If u need more help come back to the forum.
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  10. So, both have quite the same perfomance when at stock (1333Mhz), right?

    Anyway, thanks for your patience saint19 for answering my questions too :ange:
  11. ^Yeah.
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