Are people actually buying harddrives with all the flooding?

Would this be a good time to capitalize on my purchase made last summer? I bought several 2TB hitachi harddrives for $60 each after rebate and now theyre going for almost $240 shipped! Would someone actually buy them at $180ish or so if i sold some?
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  1. if someone is desperate enough maybe
  2. I came into this section to ask what happened to the price of hdd. I mean they were like 50usd a pop. Decided not to worry bout looking at hdd prices for a couple of weeks and were looking straight at a 70usd Baracuda drive which was the cheapest! I rather write my data on toiletpaper than on a Baracuda lol

    But your post has answered my question Thx

    Ill wait for the druggies to come and sell them hope they're prices haven't gone up as well
  3. Holy crap. I hadn't seen the prices til I saw this thread.

    I bought 2x1TB drives 2 months ago for $100 (shipped), the same drive now costs $140 + $8. For one!

    Guess people won't be buying HDDs for a while.
  4. You know its time to stop spending on your Pc when prostitutes are cheaper than the small peripherals
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