Quad core processor windows xp performance issue sound

Just got a new PC...using quad core on XP (enterprise will not upgrade to Windows 7), and notice a performance issue frequently (with music on, it is particularly evident as it becomes a staccato sound). My older PC booted slowly but never had this issue once it was up.

DELL i7-2640m 4 cpu@2.8ghZ 782mhZ 3.23 GB of RAM
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  1. congratulations on your new PC. did it not come with Windows 7? Its strange that a new pc would come with an 11 year old operating system.
  2. I know...stinks that my company has not yet certified their software to run on Windows 7. Anyways...I have to apologize. I checked the event log (should've checked that FIRST), and noticed frequent disk errors. So, until I get a new disk, I cannot blame anything else.


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