would the C2D E7400 processor be compatable with a MSI-MS- 7301 motherboard
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  1. that mobo doesnt exist or u spelled it wrong
  2. your right, sorry its a CUBA MSI MS -7301
  3. wat?
    what brand is it? ASUS? GIGABYTE? MSI?
    you getting some wierd name.
  4. MSI's site doesnt have anything like that listed... whats the un-typoed name of the mobo?
  5. MSI what do you expect - there rubbish and cant keep track of the own crap etc

    if its got a Pentium 4/D in it prolly not
  6. Its a MSI CUBA MS-7301, its an OEM motherboard for a Packard Bell Imedia 2470, so there is no support for it on the MSI website.


    from the supported CPU list i would have presumed the E7400 would have been supported. I have socket LGA775, and the MB supports a 1066 FSB.

    I've flashed to the latest bios available version 3.16,



    The processor had been bought from e-bay apparently pulled from a working system, im not sure whether its a true compatability problem or a dud processor.

    When i try to boot with the E7400 the PC powers up, but does not boot, no system beeps.

    I need advice as to whether i've wasted money on a dud, before i try to buy another E7400 or similar.

    Many thanks
  7. My guess is that it supports c2d, but only the older 65nm c2d processors. It's a common situation.
  8. loneninja said:
    My guess is that it supports c2d, but only the older 65nm c2d processors. It's a common situation.

    Thanks, in that case what chip would you recommend?

    I realise im just squezing the last bit of life out of my PC, but i'd just invested in a GTS250 graphics card to find out my CPU is bottlenecking it.
  9. If you got the cash the best option is to get a Mobo that supports the 7400 and your GPU , and possibly grab a quality 500-600 watt Psu and call 'er a day.I speak from experience that those OEM Mobo's are crap ,no point on straping a saddle to a dieing donkey and calling it a race horse.
  10. Probably fine advice, but your missing my point.

    I dont want to build a PC, i just want to squeeze a last year or 2 out of what i have.

    I'd say i was a casual gamer, so im not looking to run everything at full whack , currently i've only come across 2 games that my CPU cant hack which are Star wars force unleashed special edition & prototype.

    I know my MB is no longer suported so i have the must current bios im going to get, the last known supported processor according to the PB website was an Intel E2160.

    Would i be safe in assuming that if i match the socket (LGA775),
    533 / 800 / 1066 MHz FSB , and achitecure then a processor would most likely be compatable?
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