When is the Rest of ATi Radeon 5xxx Series Coming Out?

I want a graphics card, as I just built my first system, and it only has HD4200 graphics. It is actually quite decent but I am looking for something a bit nicer. I need something to run Flight Simulator X, and maybe a few FPS on Medium-High settings....

So, I was wondering if there was any news on when the rest of the ATi Radeon 5xxxx series is coming out. I am talking about the 5450, 5550, 5650, 5670 or those kind of cards (Not sure if any of those actually are going to exist. A Mainstream card is what I need.

Any news? Thanks.
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  1. i heard that 56xx series are going to out soon but i'm not sure when it will be. btw currently ATI have no competition from nvidia for DX11 GPU so they're in no rush to release new card.

    but they also can't take their time too long because they have market share to gain :D
  2. Well supposedly the HD5670 and HD5650 have recently been seen, claimed 5670 in [H]'s forum, usually that happens around launch time +/- a few weeks, it's weird timing, a little late for Xmas, but that might be the point, leave all available 40nm wafer production focused on higher end parts which are still under-supplied, and make people pay full pop for the HD5870/5850/5770/5750 prior to Xmas and then launch the HD5670/5650 after Xmas if there is enough built-up capacity and launch in the new year after maimizing your limited TSMC resources.
    Anything lower than the HD56xx series is likely going to wait to test the waters of a new fab process IMO or else wait til the high value 40nm parts have flushed the system.

    But who knows maybe they'll launch something next week, it just doesn't seem likely or like a good idea, especially since there is no competition for the HD4K parts in their respective price ranges.
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