Do i have a bad processor?

Hi everyone,
I have a HP DV5-1125NR laptop that someone gave me because it overheated. after various tests i determined that it was a defective heatsink because the HS was getting very hot but the fan was blowing out cold air. Got a new heatsink and reseated it exactly like the original. i put new arctic silver thermal paste on it to ensure proper heat conduction. when i buttoned everything back up, the system wouldnt boot. The caps lock and numlock lights were blinking an error code. i did some research and i found (on HPs support WS) that the blink code i was encountering means CPU failure. the CPU had worked BEFORE i replaced the heatsink. i put the original HS back on, still not working. This laptop is out of warranty, and it costs about 400-500 bucks to ship it to HP to fix it, when for about 80 bucks (30 heatsink, 50 new CPU) i can repair it myself. ive already replaced the heatsink which solved the original issue, because now the so determined "dead" CPU is getting hot and the fans airflow is also hot air like it should be. so the heatsink is fixed. Now i have to figure out if the CPU really is bad. i was careful in handling all the items, so no static shock would damage it. but according to the bios blink code, the CPU is bad. What do you think? i can get a new processor on ebay for about 50 bucks, but before i make the investment i want to be for sure that it is the problem.

Any tips or pointers welcomed. If it means me getting my free laptop working again, then im willing to do it :)

Here are the specs:
HP DV5 Bronze series
Windows Vista HP 64-bit
AMD Turion 64 X2 @2.0GHz

I tried removing the CMOS battery and clearing the CMOS, but the error code still appears. Also, before it died, I updated it to the latest BIOS revision.

What should I do now?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Quote:
    Hmmm... whoever gave you your laptop screwed it up, I presume. My recomendation, get a new laptop.

    im not getting a new laptop if 1 small thing is wrong with this one. if i have to replace the CPU, so be it. a 40-50 dollar investment is much better than a few hundred dollar investment for a new one.
  2. Quote:
    A 40-50 INVESTMENT!!!
    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT> You cannot replace the processor!
    Processors are not cheep
    Do you want to solve you problem. Get a new laptop. It saves time and money!

    ok u don't understand. This thing is out of warranty, so I just tore it apart myself and did all the work on my own. I have access the the CPU and it's socket. I can pull it out, but the exact one and replace it. I found one on ebay for about 40 bucks from a Legit seller so my question was based on the symptoms do u think it is bad? Ignore what I will do with it, just work around the symptoms.

  3. Hell, sounds like you have already decided. I would get the processor and give it a try. What do you have to lose? 50$
    Good luck
  4. if your gonna replace the processor anyways no matter what anyone says on here.. why bother even posting a thread?
  5. steadfast1984 said:
    if your gonna replace the processor anyways no matter what anyone says on here.. why bother even posting a thread?

    I posted the thread to ASK if you guys thought it really WAS the processor. Based on what I have told you (no POST, BIOS blink code, etc.) would you think so?

    then i would take your YES or NO and interpret that as buy a new CPU or look elsewhere for problems. I'm thinking its CPU, but i posted this thread to ensure my certainty. It had nothing to do with whether or not i was going to get a new processor. I just wanted to know if that was the problem. (most likely it is)

  6. Quote:
    steadfast1984, I guess you have a point. Why ask any advice on something you already decided on. Sorry Coreyx64 if I got snippy.

    its ok, no hard feelings. I just wanted to know based on the symptoms i described above, if you thought the CPU was bad. thats all. probably my fault for even mentioning any of that other stuff anyway...
  7. Quote:
    I am not COMPLETELY computer savvy, but when one hardware goes out, something tells me that the rest are damaged along the way. That is another reason I would get a new laptop.

    true... But because all of the other onboard functions have been tested and proven working, that's why I'm thinking the BIOS is correct in it's error codes -- defective CPU. I'll get another processor for cheap (used, but I'm not putting a fortune into this, just enuf to get it working) and then plug it in and see if it works. Might be a week due to USPS shipping being slow, ao when I get it I will install it and report back. Thanks for the help.
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    Well, let me just toss this out there. Take it for what it is worth, I am not getting in the middle of this, or what might have gone wrong, since I was not there when the laptop was taken apart, so I have no idea what actually might have been damaged. But here is my 2 cents.

    Processors very, very, very rarely just "go bad". It simply does not happen.
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