Wierd Wireless Connection Problems

So my system is kinda old. my wireless card is PLANET WL-8310. I had my cpu die on me so what I did was put the frequency to 100mhz x 9.0.. which went my speed down from 1.8333mhz (oc) to 1.2ish gigz. now my internet connection (wireless) usually shows at Very Low, and SOMETIMES Low. But when I did this trick on the old cpu that would always lock on me at full oc potential.. not only did it STOP freezing, but the wirless connection went up to Good and VERY Good most times. I had no problems with the internet.

Now I bought this new cpu and it started having wireless problems again. I tried to do the same trick by NOTHING. same exact problem saying no connection or Very Low if I'm lucky and it WOULDN'T connect. so i took the FSB Spread Spectrum down from .50% to Disable and back to where my new 2700+ AMD would be so that's 166mhz x 13.0... I also replaced my wireless card in a diff slot. Now I'm connected and it says Very Low again.

Anybody know the issue in this and what's causing this weird connection problem? I also thought it's resources so I disconnected my 2nd hard drive, 2 fans on both hard drives, another extra fans cooling the RAM, and my DVD drive. But still says very low. Some days it won't connect at all even when my roomate repairs the connection which USUALLY works but some days like today when I first installed the CPU it just wouldn't connect. help me out here if you can... thanks.

p.s. in the past I thought it was my wireless card so I tried Netgear and it had the same issue with NOT connecting to the internet and same weird connection problems I had in the past was happening. and this was close to 3 years ago. I mean I'd replace my card but I don't want to waste money.

My spec:

ASUSTek Computer INC Mobo (A7N8X)
AMD Athlon XP: Thoroughbred, Socket A 2700+
3 gigs of RAM (Corsair 2 sticks regular of 1 each, and the 3rd XML)
ASUS AH3650 SILENT/HTDI/512M Radeon HD 3650 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X HDCP Ready Video Card
PLANET WL-8310 Wireless Card
80GB Maxtor HDD or 200G Seagate (master)
500GB Wester Digitital ATI or whatever the form
Coolmax AP-550X Power Supply
WinFast TV2000 XP Expert WDM TVTuner
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  1. RIGHT after i made this post my internet went down and stayed down until now.

    i enabled my USB keyboard in bios since i just installed a new CPU and changed BIOS Video Card from PCI to AGP.. I don't know if that will help but hey.. I'm running out of options and tired of bugging my roomate to repair the wireless.

    I hope this post makes it....
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