Selection between Intel core 2 quad Q9650 vs Intel Core i7-920

I am building a new PC. In my country there is no price difference between i7-920 & Q9650. i am going to use this computer for gaming , Video Editing and Some sort of Multimedia Use...... for graphic card i am going with 5870HD and 9800gt or GTS 250 for physx.....
I am mainly confused in picking up the processor........... since both are quad core. i7-920 has base configuration of 2.66ghz which on turbo boost be reached at 2.93ghz nearly 3.0ghz(Q9650)..... Also there is option for overclocking..................
Plz Suggest me which 1 is better for long term usage??????
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  1. If you are building new system, and not trying to upgrade, then go with the i920-based system. It has an integrated memory controller and triple channel RAM. It may cost a little more for the board and the RAM than a 775-based system, but you'll have a modern, capable system.
  2. The Core 2 Quad is dead technology. It's still a capable processor now, but the socket 775 motherboard it sits on is now obsolete and being phased out.

    Get the i7 920 as that tech has a long life ahead of it.

    I'm more than happy to suggest a spec for your video editing needs.

    A note on your graphics setup: I don't know if the driver "issue" has been resolved, but you can't use a NVIDIA card for dedicated PhysX if you're using an AMD card for graphics - the NVIDIA driver blocks it.
  3. The i7 is in blue on top. Higher or lower is listed in the benchmark column. i7 wins all but 4 and never gets left behind. But it does leave the 9650 in the dust on a number of other benches. If price is the same, go for the i7 920. The lead would be even bigger if you do OC!

    As to your GPU set up, its tricky to get it to work that way. There is this guide, read through more than the first post to see if that's worth it to you. Otherwise, just wait for Fermi
  4. i7 all the way
  5. for old upgrade pc's Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 better to this time , no for a buy new pc parts to the start (graphic card, etc) .....look vs Core i7-950 and not Core i7-920
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