Overclocking cpu

Hi my computer specs are:

cpu: i7 2600k
mobo: MSI P67A-G43
psu: Corsair builder series 500watts
ram: Kingston HyperX 16gb
gpu: Asus hd Radeon 6950 1gb
cooler: Hyper 212 with an extra fan
case: coolermaster CM 690 II
HD: 160gb 320 intel SSD and 500gb WD caviar black

I'm new to overclocking, what i did was basically just go into my bios and set the multiplier to whatever number that was reasonable to me like 3.4 -> 4.0 but lately ive been getting errors. I've done stress test with prime 95 before but this was about 6 months ago and it crashed about 5 hours in.

I'm not too sure about setting the other options in the bios other than the cpu multiplier. Can anyone give me assistance with setting the right calibration options for overclocking?

I'm basically overclocking for the game TERA.
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  2. thanks, will do!
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