GTS 250 or XFX 4770

GTS 250 or 4770


GTS 250 is 105$
4770 is 115$ (this one has a nice rear exhaust fan..)
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  1. I generally like ATI better, and the 4770 features GDDR5, Ati's latest graphic memory, whcih is superior to most of nVidia's offerings. Part of it will come down to what games you play and if they run better one than another. I have also heard that the 4770 is better than the 4830, which is interesting.
  2. 4850 for ~$100-$100?

    Performs on the same level as the GTS250

    4770 </~ 4850 ~ GTS250
  3. actually all of the 4850s I have seen are more expenseive
  4. it depends on place. in my place HD4770 are way more expensive than HD4850 and GTS250
  5. At the same performance level I would by the cheaper card. So GTS250 this time and I think it actually wins more battles with the ATI cards than not
  6. GTS 250.
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