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i work at a small computer repair shop earning my stripes, and there is a tech here that insists on installing XP sp2 on machines with 512mb of RAM or less. insisting they will run better without all the bells and whistles of sp3. this doesn't sound right to me. are there any instances where a computer may run better with an outdated version of XP, or for that matter, any other operating system. thank you.
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  1. It may perform better/faster but it sure as heck won't be as secure. You will be missing a lot of security updates that require SP3 as a prerequisite.
  2. That is a VERY bad idea. SP3 has many security updates. If I were one of your costumers I would be VERY upset if you downgraded my computer.

    Yes, SP3 does also add features that use more RAM, but you would be giving your customers better service by explaining to them that XP now uses more RAM that it did when their PC was new, and they should spend a few dollars to add more memory.
  3. Terrible. 99.99% of the time you always want to run the most current version of your OS of choice. Sacrificing security for performance is stupid. :pfff:

    Advise the customer that they need to throw $20 at their machine if they want to keep it on the road. Although I'd also feel obligated to say that the money they're spending on repairs and memory upgrades is not actually going to FIX anything, and spending $50 here or there to bring it into the shop is great for my business, it's just wasting their money. They really need to start thinking about a new computer.
  4. roger that. thanks
  5. o one more thing. i'm a good tech. if they are throwing money away i tell them. if they still want to fix it, then it's on them.
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