Lag spike every minute or so

i have pinged google for a while and noticed i lag for 1200/2000 ms every minute.
it's not spyware i have done tests and formatted pc, i am using tp-link wn321g
what i think is what may be happening is that it is scanning for the signal strenght everytime my signal goes up/down, because when i go to the utility and rescan it the ping goes exactly to the 1200/2000 or exceeds time limit.
also, i disabled wireless zero configuration, didn't help

does anyone know what i can do about this? my next move would be to like.. set a signal strenght but i don't know how to do that my signal strenght varies from low to good but even so i get good pings and all.
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  1. NOTE: The following procedures are specifically for XP, but Vista and Win7 should be similar, adjust as necessary.

    Go to Start->Run, type "ncpa.cpl", and hit enter.

    Locate your wireless adapter, right click, and select Properties.

    Select Wireless Networks tab, then select Advanced.

    Make sure "Access point (infrastructure) networks only" is selected, and "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks' is NOT checked.
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