Acceptable core temps for 3930k

I'm considering OC'ing my system. What are acceptable core temps for the 3930K? The Tcase value listed on the the Intel web site is 66.8C, but how useful is the Tcase temp and how can I get this reading? Is there any sensor that provides this reading?

The temp of the hottest core on my CPU as measured in HWmonitor when running the heat test in prime95 tops out at 67C after a 3-hour run. The package temp is listed at 67C as well.

Also, will OC'ing the processor create an issue on the PCIe bus?

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  1. Hi there,

    There's no way of monitoring the Tcase value, the value's you see listed in HWMonitor for the cores will be Tjunction temps, I can't find Intel's absolute max TJ temp for the 3930K, although many people seem to suggest its 91C. I would personally stay below 85C.
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