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I replaced a 5 yr-old chipset fan that stopped spinning on my ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard with a Zalman fanless heatsink. In BIOS setup, I disabled the Chip Fan fail warning, saved changes, exited and continued restart. Now, after shutting down the computer at the end of the day and turning it on the next day, I still get the warning beeps, rebooting stops at the CMOS cheksum Chip Fan Fail or speed too low error screen, need to press F1 to continue booting, and after restart, the Windows Data and Time properties show 12:00 midnight December 2004! This is annoying. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you solve it?
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    Sounds like your CMOS battery might be dead. The CMOS battery is what keeps power to your board to store those settings even when being unplugged. If you go check your BIOS settings do you find that your settings are reset again? Are you unplugging your system at night? I only ask because some people do kill all power to their systems when not in use to prevent any possible surges.

    If you are unplugging your system at night or for some reason you lose power to your system then the power will drain out of the motherboard and your BIOS settings and also Windows Date/Time will be reset. Symptoms definitely point to CMOS battery with the only oddity being that typically desktops aren't unplugged. If it ends up being the CMOS battery you can just pop those out and take it down to a Batteries Plus or similar location and get a new one pretty cheap.
  2. Yup! Definitely dead battery! Usually Cr2032 3volt you can get them just about everywhere.
  3. Thank you to fusion_gtx and BorNej. I followed your advice and purchased a new battery at Batteries Plus for $ more warning messages after resetting BIOS values in Setup. Appreciate your help.
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  5. Welcome that's what we are all here for.
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