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Hey guys

A person I know asked me if I could build him a system that could run FSX smoothly, without any snags or freezes, with three screens (i.e. the game running on all three monitors). He didn't specify a budget; he said I should decide it based on what he wants. He loves planes.
So here's what I was thinking: I'd map out for him three basic builds, a high-end, mid-range and cheap option, and he could choose which one he wants.

Based on the things I've been reading, FSX is a completely different monster compared to your average computer game. It came out in 2006, but even today running it on the highest settings without issue is meant to be extremely difficult if not impossible. I don't know what this means when you keep in mind that this person would like *three* screens for the most realistic experience possible.

The basic cpu/gpu config for the highest end or mid range option (yet to be decided) I've thought of is:

i7 920 D0 overclocked to 4.0 ghz
nvidia gtx 200 or something similar, i heard the game is highly CPU dependent...

will this work out? do i need a better graphics card for the three screen issue? will the 4.0 ghz 920 run the game properly?

i'd appreciate any help/comments you could give me, this is the first time i'm building a system for som1 else so i'm pretty nervous but also determined to do it properly.
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  1. Just a short hint. You may want to consider the new ATI cards, especially the 5870.
  2. For playing on 3 monitors, go with the eyefinity offered by the new ATI cards
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