What motherboard do i have?

Im curious as to what motherboard i have because i have a dell dimension E510 desktop with a pentium D 820 and on the website i looked on to see what motherboard it is, it says it doesn't support the pentium D, so does anyone know of a link to where the motherboard is or what it is? Thanks
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  1. http://www.ascendtech.us/itemdesc.asp?ic=MB4DELRD203
    In the specs it doesn't talk about Pentium D's, so i think dell later allowed users to upgrade to a Pentium D with a BIOS update
  2. Hi.

    Download and use Everest, that software can give u the model of ur mobo. After that contact to DELL with the service tag of ur rig and ask they what CPU support ur mobo because not all the CPUs from a specific socket are supported.
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