Best Cooler $50 or less for my system?

Hello! I was hoping to draw upon the vast knowledge of the user-base here a Tom's Hardware to help me select a proper cooling device for my new PC that I will shortly be purchasing and constructing. I have already chosen my CPU, MoBo, and case. I have links to these items below.

I do plan to overclock my Intel Core i5 2500 CPU, hopefully to a stable 4Ghz. My concern is what should I use to cool it? I have had issues with Intel's stock coolers/heatsinks in the past, so I am concerned that what comes with the i5 won't be enough. I don't want to spend a lot more money that I already am though! So I am looking for a good cooling method that is no more than $50. Please let me know you opinions/experiences in this area and thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. I recommend this one:

    I have the older one running on my i5-2500k:

    I can personally recommend the second one (I have it) although the first looks like a good option. There is a rebate for the second, so it'll come out to $20 only. It's a good deal, but you have to decide if it's worth it.
  2. Slightly bigger and reasonably better

    This actualy quite a bit better

    If you only plan to get to 4ghz this will do without wasting any money.

    Original Cm 212+
    20.00 bucks ! Amazing deal it keeps me below 75C at 3.8 GHZ Q6600 loaded and volted right up.
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    I can't speak from direct experience but am doing a build myself and have been researching this. I have been contemplating between the Hyper 212+ and the Hyper 212 evo mentioned by the other posters. I have decided to go with the 212+, and if you get it from amazon you can do the rebate and get it 5$ cheaper than newegg. (I recommend running all parts of your build through both amazon and newegg, amazon will beat them occasionally) The evo is more than double the cost once you rebate the 212+ and by all accounts offers very minimal extra cooling (by most accounts less than 1 degree C).

    One other suggestion I would make, I was going to get the I5-2500k as well, but check out the I5-3570k, very little increase in cost for a third gen that allows your motherboard to take advantage of PCIe 3. Also don't forget to check the bundles section under your mobo, you can usually throw whatever processor you were already going to get with the mobo and save $20+ dollars for a couple of minutes of searching.
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  5. Wow guys thanks a lot for your ideas! I think I will go with the CM HYPER 212 EVO, since two of you recommended that one and the reviews on Newegg are astounding! I was seriously tempted by the v6GT though, but I am not an overclocking beast so I don't think it will be necessary. Thanks again for your help!
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