How does USB power work?

I was able to charge my iPod Shuffle. When I plug in the iPod it opens up in iTunes but it doesn't charge. I can sync it with my music. Could it be a power problem? Does the power supply provide power to the ports? Or how does it work?

Someone told me if it is the power supply your PC would be having problems.
Well my sister's clock in her car was slow by 1 hour and she said that she needs to get the battery checked. I was thinking well the car is still running but the clock is not correct. I was trying to compare that scenario with my PC.

Any ideas to what the problem may be?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Did it used to charge and now doesn't, or has it never charged?
  2. It used to charge.
  3. Tried all your USB ports? could just be a bad connection...

    Note: this happened to me, if the jack crackle or sparks when its getting inserted or removed, get EVERYTHING checked, as it happened to me, it shorted out my ipod and blew a capacitor on the mobo
  4. Well. if you look at a USB connector, the two outer pins carry the 5 volts. The two inner pins carry the data.

    Do the case jacks and the ones on the back of the motherboard i/o panel both not work?
  5. I have tried them all. Also, I removed most all the USB cables as well so I just had the iPod plugged in and that didn't work.
  6. try getting a different ipod cable, could be that their is a fault
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