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have dell xps 410 with xp pro. tried to into safe mode to download some ms updates that kept failing to download. screen came up that asked for admininstrators password. dont ever remember setting admin password. restarted putor for normal windows started and asks for admins password. never did before. i'd turn on puter and would go right to desktop. not now. keeps asking for admin password. locked out in every attempt any suggestions. have googled and not found any back doors to use. need help please!
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  1. Looks like its time to do a system restore. See if you can get into safe mode and then using the system restore tool to go back to the time when the computer was working properly. if that does work you can do a factory reset on your computer by pressing the appropriate keys during bootup to start the factory restore process.
  2. after u have tried safe mode, other admin accounts, reinstall system, u can refer your computer to pc repair expert or pro Windows Password Recovery Corporation tools, also, call Dell support!
  3. Hi Onecoach, According to me it seems that someone (or it may be you but did not remember) has placed an administrator password on your PC. If you are not able to login then you can click to search Windows password recovery software to reset your Windows administrator password.
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