From trying to OC my new MB, the Window 7 is unable to load due to corrupted boot. data.

I have:

GA X58A-UD3R(rev1), bio 5H
i7-930 cpu
3x2 mb Crosair XMS3 DDR3-1600
2x 1T Hitachi SATA HD in RAID 1
HIS Radeon 5830
Window 7

Anyone has any suggestion????
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  1. Thanks Badget!!
    Tried already but did not do any good.
  2. Quote:
    trying to OC my new MB

    Try defaulting the BIOS by resetting the CMOS jumper. Instructions are in the MB manual. Unplug the PSU, remove the MB battery and rerset the CMOS jumper.
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    'Full reset' procedure is in the 'sticky', in break a 'boot-loop', under the 'Boot Loops' section...
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