Unlocking HD 6950 shaders, how to revert?

Well I attempted to unlock my Sapphire HD6950 2GB/256bit GPU and it didn't go very smoothly. SystemIDmismatch, tried to bypass, etc. etc. This is my first time doing this. When I did everything and restarted my computer, it wouldn't boot. It would turn on but there was no display.

Thankfully the BIOS switch changed it to the locked 6950 BIOS (even if that didn't work I have a drive with everything needed).

How can I revert the unlockable BIOS back to 6950 when it won't turn on? and second what exactly went wrong because I am going to do this again.

Just to be sure, it's in the one position in the picture, right?

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  1. Trying to unlock a 6950 sometimes bricks the unlocking BIOS because the 6950 is not designed to do it, so it doesn't always work (recently manufactured 6950s are incapable of unlocking because they are designed to prevent it). I don't know if you can fix the unlocking BIOS once it has been bricked.
  2. You can get another card and put it in the primary slot in your motherboard to reflash the 6950! Make sure you have the 6950 in another slot.
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