Something funky with my audio

Hey guys, I've been having trouble lately with my audio. I really don't know what's causing it, or what's happening, but the best I can describe it is it "hangs". What happens is the audio will just die all of a sudden, and when I try to play audio or video files in programs like windows media or itunes, the whole program hangs, or the button is in play, but the track doesn't move at all. Or, especially with video, the video playback slows waaay down. I don't think its my PCs fault though, I have a Phenom II x3 720 and a 1gb Radeon 5770, more than enough hardware just to play some music and audio I'd say.

But when it comes to playback on my browser(like when watching youtube), the video is fine, there's just no sound. And when I play games, everything is fine, except no sound. When I restart my comp everything goes back to normal, but it happens quite often, and its getting frustrating.

This is what I have, if it helps any:

MSI 785 gt - e63
Realtek Audio Driver
connected the HD audio to my case(had a choice between HD or AC97, but I don't think that would be the source of the prob, for one I use the audio port at the back, the one connected directly to my board)

I have SRS audio installed(but then, when I switch devices, none of them work either)

Anyone who can shed light on this, It'll be much appreciated. Im audio less again, and will have to restart!!!!!
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  1. uninstall SRS sandbox, first b4 u try anything else, and then does the audio work???
  2. The audio works, but there are times when it doesn't. I just realized that it may be some left over of some program gone wrong, or sleep mode gone wrong. Coz it usually happens when a.) I'm playing a game(last time it was borderlands, now it was zeus) or running itunes, when suddenly the audio would go into a continuous loop, and all other audio inputs don't play. Then after closing the funky program, the looped audio stops, but now the thing happens, where the audio driver seems to "hang"

    Then I opened the drivers and settings, and clicked on test audio driver, and it said that another program is still using it, so I have to close the program first. But then, I already did, and no traces of it show up on Task Manager.

    This also happens when my computer goes to sleep mode. Sometimes when I waske it, the audio is gone.

    Any leads?
  3. I have no specific knowledge of the problem you describe, but on general principles I'd be inclined to do a system restore back to a point before the trouble started. Failing that, I'd go into Control Panel/Programs(?) and uninstall everything I thought I could conceivably do without. I'd also run a full system virus scan. I'd also look in regedit for Run and Run Once critters. I'd also get everything I could out of the taskbar, and I'd go into the "options" of every program I had to disable "run at startup" or whatever the equivalent would be. It sounds like you have something running in the background that shouldn't be, or you have too much there.

    Try going into Task Manager(CTR/ALT/DEL)/Processes right after boot and click on the "User Name" column. End all the processes under your user name except taskeng, dwm, iexplore, and taskmgr. Don't touch any not under your user name. Run like that awhile and see if the problem persists.
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