COD screen goes black ati 4650

I never seemed to have this problem before but now whenever I play CoD WaW my video card stops responding and my monitor goes black and says no signal from VGA input.
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  1. Plz post your other system specs,also does it only happen in COD WAW ?
  2. Dell Inspiron 530s
    4GB Ram
    Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2.5GHz
    250W PSU
    ATI radeon hd 4650

    Yeah it only happened in CoD WaW so far.
  3. If it only happens in COD WAW,then try downloading patches and check whether it helps or not.
    However if it happens in other games too,it may because of your PSU
  4. I have applied all patches that have been released for WaW but still the same problem. Screen goes black but there is sound
  5. Download GPU-Z and check your temp while gaming.
  6. checked the temperature. At rest it is 46 C but while running WaW it spikes to 60 C
  7. Temp looks fine,my only guess would be Power Supply,what other games do you have,do you have some intensive-graphic games like FC2,Crysis etc ?
  8. no, WaW is currently the most graphic-intense game i have.... Its just wierd that this problem has been occuring now. Never happened to me before.
  9. Can you test the card in another system ?
    250W PSU is low for that rig,so i think its your PSU,i think if you could run some other intensive games you would run in to problems too
  10. I dont know if u call it luck but i hooked up a regular fan and set it near my comp. (the case is open BTW) and CoD works fine!
  11. Its strange,maybe other parts were overheating like CPU and that fan helped,glad its fixed though :)
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