Volts used for 4.0ghz on the Phenom II

Hello, I would like to know what voltages some people are getting for the x6 1100T to get 4.0ghz. I set my Vcore to 1.53v to get 4014mhz stable, But whats weird is that when I set that voltage to 1.53v, Any program that I use says 1.51v max that is has went up to, I know there is Vdrop and it does go to 1.46v the lowest that Hardware Monitor reports. I hear People getting 4.0ghz on lower vcore than what I use.

I normally keep it at 3.9ghz at 1.48v just because of temperature, The H60 I got dose not do to well at anything above 1.5v. I can normally run prime95 for a few hours at 3.9ghz and the temps hit 58 - 60c at times in a hot room, but never brakes 45c on BF3 on ultra. At 4.0ghz at 1.53v my temps are fine when my air conditioner is on, temps running prime95 for 6 hours were 55c reported max. I mean its good and does not bother me since im still under 1.55v, I was just wondering how people got 4.0ghz on lower voltage.

I am getting the H80 for a few extra bucks since my H60 has a clicking problem (kinda like the sound of a failing hard drive). So in the RMA process Corsair offered me the H80 for a few extra bucks and im going for it. I did try a few different settings to get to 4ghz, but they all seemed to hit 4ghz at 1.53v even lowing the ram speed a clocking by the FSB.

Phenom II 1100T 4ghz at 1.53v
CPU-NB 2912mhz 1.3v
Corsair GS700 Power Supply
ASRock 970 Extreme 3 motherboard
Corsair Vengence 1792mhz CL9 1.62v T1 command rate (cant get any lower CL timings, so I just let the ram do what it can at CL9)

Bios Options I can think off off hand:
CPU votage 1.53v
CPU-NB votage 1.3v
HTT Link 2400mhz (or close to it)
CPU VDDA 2.87v
C1E Power save: Disabled
Turbo core: Disabled
FSB: 224
PCIE: 105
RAM Voltage 1.62 (rated at 1.5v)

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  1. 5-21-12, no reply? Oh well.
  2. Hi man, sorry you've not had massive responses,
    1100 is on thuban yes? I know they seem to require more voltage than Deneb Phenoms,
    I'd look at lowering the nb speed and voltage, try 2400@1.1v to start, ram should be 2t if you can't get stable,
  3. Thanks for the replay, Not looking for a mass flow of responses, just asking someone with more experience.

    Anyway yeah its a Thuban, I will have to try lower CPU-NB at lower voltage, Maybe 2.9 is just to much and causing the heat problem. I was messing around with the overclock and even they ram at 14xxmhz its not stable at 4007mhz, That was with the FSB OC, don't think that this board likes FSB OC to much. yeah I been working a lot the last past few days, so I didn't do to much with my OC, but 4.0ghz is my goal, at a decent temp. I actually lowered my clock to 3.92ghz at 1.37v I think, but but either way my max temp is 57c 2 hours prime95.

    My ram is stable at 1t up till 1792mhz, 2t I can get 1850mhz or a bit higher, but its the same at 1t, 2t. for the most part its stable at 4ghz, its just 1.53v seems a bit high, but then again im use to my PII x4 940BE. it would hit 4.1ghz at 1.48v. But that was a Deneb as you said needs less voltage.

    Thanks for the reply moto.

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    Drop the Nb and ram, try to get it with the ram as near 1600 (on 2t command) as you can, don't worry about clocking that for now
    temps look ok for a H60, I'm not a fan of allinones but they're not as bad as some folks say, definitely better than stock coolers anyhow :)
    and max for amd's is around 1.55v but I wouldn't go anywhere near that without serious watercooling
  5. Yeah, I was just goofing around with the bios just a few min ago, Any how, I set the ram to 14xxmhz again, well its default now, so T2 9-9-9-24. and found a intresting bios setting "LLC or Load Line Calibration".

    With LLC: Lowest 1.47v idle / Highest 1.52 full load (sets at 1.50v after a few sec)

    Without LLC: Highest 1.54v idle / Lowest 1.45v full load (jumps between 1.45 - 1.47v)

    With LLC I had to set the Vcore to 1.42, but Hwmonitor never reports Vcore that low, Like I said, lowest is 1.47v - and Vcore goes up during load, and sets at 1.50v after a few seconds of prime95

    Without LLC, My idle Vcore was higher than what its was at full load, Makes no sense because whatever I have set in bios, it never even touches the Vcore I set it to. Im going to try a lower Vcore of 1.42, and see what LLC would push my Vcore to at 4.0ghz, If its somewhat lower and still stable, should get cooler temps hopefully.

    Then I'll play around with my ram and CPU-NB

  6. Yup, I have similar on my plate,
    I set it to 1.325v and often saw it jumping to 1.45 for no reason until I disabled LLC
    disabling it seems to have settled it for me
    but if HT is at 2000 then the most you will hope to get on the Nb is 2400 without any issues, milage varies though, chips and boards differ obviously
  7. Got a friend with a 1045T or a ASRock 990fx, looks just like my board and same stuff really, hes able to reach 4.1ghz on the h70, ran cool, but it is a 95watt I think. So far its stable at 1.42v in the bios but lowest is 1.45v, and max 1.47 at 4007mhz, Runs cooler now. Funny how LLC says to disable for AM3 cpu but enable for AM3+. Now I gonna mess with my CPU-NB, see where I can get it. almost pointless to mess with my rams timings, even at 1333mhz, it does not like anything above 9-9-9-24, I really don't want to go to 1066mhz, so i'm gonna see if its stable at 16xx something mhz. Thanks!

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  9. Forgot to mention that I often drop the ram to 1333MHz when experimenting so sorry for that man,
    You will run cooler with less voltage, thats why we try and keep that as low as we can, less work for our overkill waterloops to do hehe
    but yes, if you manage to get her stable enough, try putting the ram back up to 1600 afterwards, if you can't you can't and have to decide between slightly faster ram, or the overclock :)
    Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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