GA-EX58-UD4P Motherboard - Computer Freezes.

So, I hate to repost things, but this is my problem.

So one of my friends is running Vista 64-bit with her DXdiag here.

Her computer was fine about two months ago and then these "freezes/lockups" started randomly throughout the day. She'll be gaming or just browsing the internet with a few AIM/MSN windows opened, random programs will lock up and freeze while others stay perfectly functional. Windows seldom freezes along with the programs, but it does happen occasionally where she can't use task manager and the windows button is forced to freeze for about 2-10minutes. She hasn't had freezes above 13ish minutes because she manually shuts down her computer about that time.

Today when she did it, she got past bios and while windows was loading it sent her to a black screen that didn't load anything. She had to keep restarting a couple of times and waiting 10ish minutes and eventually her windows loaded up. She says this doesn't usually happen either.

She wiped about a month ago and it didn't really do anything. At all. She did a clean format/reinstall of windows and these freezes still happen with the same occurrence rate/severity/duration.

I want to say its a hardware problem now since wiping didn't help, RAM specifically, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Could be a harddrive problem as well but I usually don't see harddrives that are working perfectly fine for a year fail so suddenly/randomly. Her computer was bought about a year and a half ago. Any thoughts or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. I can't figure it out and I thought the format would help.

I also have the event viewer logs of her system, and programs. They were taken right after the freezes. Not sure if these help, they seem like a bunch of crap to me, but just incase? I can't tell anything for certain from it but it does say there are some errors.

Now, I made sure the drivers to her computer are 100% updated, windows vista is updated, and these freezes still occur.

Searching for the bios for led me to find this.


The flash succeeded, but we are still getting these freezes. Any other ideas to the possibilities of this problem?
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  1. Hi.

    U can do it without problems since the Gigabyte mobos have something called "Dual BIOS" that in other words is a mobo for recover the previous mobo if the process isn't successful.
  2. There is a fairly comprehensive write-up in the 'sticky', under BIOS Flashing. In it, your particular situation is covered - the 1156/1366 platforms are one of the few for which I recommend doing each flash as it 'comes along'; the platform is 'new-tech', the processor errata are still being 'discovered', and nearly every release says something about "improved memory compatibility"! So long as you never use @BIOS, saint is right - the 'dual-BIOS' recovery mechanism is pretty well 'fool-proof' - I've 'lunched' a number of flashes (once, shot myself in the foot twice in a row [:lectrocrew:7] , by flashing a corrupted BIOS file that I could not believe could be corrupted and still pass checksum!), and the competence of the recovery mechanism has inspired me to quit using a UPS during flashes, and to sometimes flash with an 'unsupported' CPU to get support for that stepping - figure, the worst case is it will 'revert' to the 'as-shipped' BIOS, and I'll have to re-flash!
  3. UPDATE:

    The flash worked, but we are still getting these freezes. Any other ideas to the possibilities of this problem?
  4. Just use the flasher built-into the BIOS! It's the <END> key from either the 'splash' or POST screen, or <F8> from the BIOS' main page...
  5. Problem still persists, anyone have any thoughts?
  6. This could be either hardware, or a consistent way in which you're running it.

    Before everything else, I would disable absolutely all power saving features in bios and windows, and see if freezes return.

    This is nasty. I have ABIT mobo with AMD x2 64 3800+ which freezes all of a sudden with a sound looping, and not accepting any input not writes anything in logs. Then it either crashes or comes out of the freeze like nothing happened. People kick me in the face in games and teabad me. Thanks AMD + Abit with Nvidia chipset, (how did you like my money?) - NEVER AGAIN. I never figured out what it is. So, this is just to say that this is very elusive stuff.
  7. First of all - I want to thank you - I often point out that by answering questions here, I often learn 'useful stuff' - my inability to open your .evtx files pointed out a problem that's been plaguing me for days, and turned out to be a (really) long 'dependency chain' issue...

    Here's what I would do:

    (probably not all necessary, but may as well 'aim wide'!)

    Uninstall whatever version of 'The Sims' you have...
    Uninstall whatever version of 'Conan' you have...

    1.Start the computer in Safe Mode without networking.
    2.Open a command prompt as administrator
    3.Type "net stop winmgmt" without quotes and press enter to make certain the wmi service is not running...
    4.Go to the windows\system32\WBEM\ folder and rename the "Repository" folder to "RepositoryOld"
    5.Restart the system to normal mode.
    6.Open a command prompt as administrator.
    7.Type "net stop winmgmt" without quotes and press enter to stop the wmi service.
    8.Type "winmgmt /resetRepository" without quotes
    9.Restart the system.
    10. Take ownership of:
    C:\windows\logs & C:\windows\system32\logfiles

    If your nVidia drivers are not current, install current drivers

    If your nVidia drivers are current, install 'one driver back'...

    Test machine for a bit - if OK, install games again - see if they are the source of the problem; if not OK, post back for more tools...
  8. Well, after the format/fresh install of windows, she still froze up when no programs were installed (well, the basics and all the drivers updated). We'll try your steps after reboot now. Thank you!
  9. Can u test the rig with only one GPU?
  10. Can you disable one GPU with a dual-GPU card and not sli?
  11. ^I think that the "2xEVGA 9800GT 512MB" means a SLI.
  12. This isn't my computer im trying to fix, its my friend and shes running a GTX 275. Sorry for the misleading information.
  13. Ackk! If you've done a fresh install of windoze, and still have the problem, the issue of a corrupted repository is pretty much eliminated, unless some piece of s'ware you're installing is responsible for corrupting the repository! Are you running any of the GB utility programs?

    The reason I suspected the repository was that, in your event log, there were a number of 'event filter failures' whose most common cause is corruption; 'nother thing to look at is if her BIOS contains (not all do), on the "Advanced BIOS Features", an "Away Mode" setting, make sure it's disabled (windoze bug!)...

    Some other 'experiments':

    Make sure, on the "Power Management Setup" page, that the "HPET Support" is enabled, and the "HPET Mode" matches her OS...

    Also on the "Power Management Setup" page, try 'toggling' the "PME Event Wake Up" item...

    On the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page, set "Performance Enhance" to "Standard" - defaults to 'Turbo' - may be too fast for RAM...

    Also on the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page, set "Bi-Directional PROCHOT" to "Disabled" (temporarily, for testing - remember to set it back afterward), on the theory that either something other than the CPU either is overheating, and causing a thermal trip of the CPU (pausing it), or there's a 'buggy' device mishandling the PROCHOT, causing it to 'think' there's a thermal trip (PROCHOT is one of the few CPU signals that's 'named' rationally - PROCessor HOT! The 'bi-directional' was recently added to Intels to allow other devices to initiate a 'thermal shutdown' of the CPU to lower the thermal loading of associated components - the bridges specifically, some memory optionally...)

    Try disabling/minimizing the whole power management subsystem by setting -

    ...on the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page:

    "CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)" to "Disabled"
    "C3/C6/C7 State Support"
    "CPU EIST Function"

    ...and on the "Power Management Setup" page:

    "ACPI Suspend Type" to "S1(POS)"

    Good luck - stutters and pauses are some of the hardest, non-fatal things to troubleshoot... When 'something breaks', and the machine won't run, eliminating or replacing the 'broken' part fixes it rather obviously; with pausing, sometimes takes forever to eliminate things one at a time [:fixitbil:9]
  14. Thanks for the really detailed reply, I'll have her look into the BIO's settings. But I think its weird because shes had the computer for over a year and two months ago these problems started.

    We made a partition and installed windows 7 on it. Its still have freezes. So I am 100% led to believe its hardware. I'll have her make sure those settings are turned off, but if they were the problem even after a format shouldn't they have gone away since they were fine the first 8 months she had her computer?
  15. Mentioning that you are pretty sure it's hardware brought up another thing to check... I have a bit of an explanation here of hardware interrupts, and the possibility of continuous retries 'flooding' the interrupt mechanism, 'stalling' the machine:

    If her drive is new enough to support SMART, you can try HD Tune, which will show you the 'drive's idea' of its own health. If you are getting a lot of reallocated sectors, or seek retries, it could explain freezing - and may also remain as a problem after a reformat... If it's not SMART-enabled, there is also a test mechanism included that will (hopefully) diagnose major difficulties anyway...

    I looked back and noticed:
    Could be a harddrive problem as well but I usually don't see harddrives that are working perfectly fine for a year fail so suddenly/randomly

    which should have made me mention this earlier - I'm old, [:bilbat:6] , and my mind wanders! I had a WD 1TB RE3 (enterprise class) drive fail out of a RAID1 after about nine months use; if they last the first three weeks, they should be good for a really long time, but, Murphy's Law prevails!
  16. Well, we ended up just shipping the system back to where she bought it. Thanks though for the attempt, we never did figure it out :x.
  17. Well, always sorry to admit defeat, but, "C'est la vie"! Better luck with the next 'iteration'...

    BTW - if you're plaaning on installing the same s'ware, might wanna take it a 'step at a time' with games and utilities - plop one in and kind of 'observe' for a day or two; makes locating the culprit so much easier!
  18. ^Are u French? What means "C'est la vie"?
  19. Nope, not French [:bilbat:9] Mostly German, quarter Polish... Speak a little French, little, Spanish, little Portuguese, read Latin, still recall a teensy bit of Greek - educated by nuns, back in the days when there was actual education [:bilbat:5] Working on learning Mandarin, figure in five years I'll be able to talk to GB tech support; but, at the rate it's going, will only be able to ask 'em: "where is the bathroom?"[:jaydeejohn:4]

    "C'est la vie" = "Such is life..."
  20. Try to Disable C1E (Enhanced Halt State) or/and EIST functions in BIOS. And, reply...
  21. We shipped the computer back and since the sellers couldn't figure it out either they just gave her a brand new computer.
  22. hwing91 said:
    We shipped the computer back and since the sellers couldn't figure it out either they just gave her a brand new computer.

    This is the best decision of the problem! Because that was hardware problem.
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