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I currently have an HIS card with an ATI 4650 chip, 512MB. And i want to upgrade this.
My budget is $150
I dont mid Nvidia or ATI but i want the best i can get for the money?
And my Motherboard supports both SLI And Crossfire. So is it better to SLI or Crossfire 2 graphics cards rather than buying a single card? (both shouldn't exceed $150)
So pls give me ur advice to choose the best card.
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  1. I would recommend spending $15 more for an HD5770. It's DX11 and 40nm which means its very power efficient/cool which is important if you are considering crossfire later on. If you really don't want to go over $150 you can still find HD4870s at that price. They offer similar performance but are DX10 and considerably more power hungry.
    That's just based on your budget though. If the resolution of your monitor isn't very high or your processor isn't particularly good then a cheaper card may make more sense for you.
  2. My monitor is a viewsonic VA1901wm 19"
    Max resolution is 1360*768
  3. Nilushan said:
    My monitor is a viewsonic VA1901wm 19"
    Max resolution is 1360*768

    Why the double post about the same dilemma? Based on your monitor resolution You would do fine with a single HD4870 512mb card (the only one in that power group under $150) 5750 would work fine as well but less power.
  4. For that resolution an HD4770 or GTS 250 should be quite good. Both cost about $110.
  5. lenovo 3000 h
    core 2 duo @ 2.40 ghz
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