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Hey guys I have this new computer built and put together for my little brother and I want to get a monitor for it. I have about 350$ to spend if need be. Want something in the 24-30 inch range. It needs to be good for gaming cause thats what he would do. His computer has an i7 920, asus p6t deluxe v2, ocz platinum ddr3, 5850 graphics card. I want to have any game look amazing. I was looking at the new LED samsung, any other recommendations.
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  1. By far the best monitor for the size, price, and performance. Seriously...look no further, just buy this monitor...
  2. Hmmm Hans G... I work at Best Buy and we typically sell these as "that inexpensive monitor" I really want the best quality.
  3. Sorry I meant hanspree, anyway though it seems like this monitor is older. Are you sure there isnt something else? I Mean I have heard some good things about the Samsung xl2370 LED.
  4. The fact that the the Hanns-G 281DPB is 6 time customer choice winner speaks volumes...but perception is everything, I suppose...

    However, here are an Acer, Asus, and Samsung monitors that get good reviews, offer good specs, and considered money well spent. IMO, the Samsung is the best of these three...but not as good as the Hanns-G of course... :lol:
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