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MEM | G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) SDRAM DDR2 800
CPU | AMD|A64 X2 5000+ 2.6G AM2 2M R
HD | Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s
CASE | Antec New Solution NSK3480 380W Power Supply

I built this system about 18 months ago (on suggestions from this community, thank you), and also replaced the mb when it failed after a few months. Lately, cooling has been an issue and seems to be worsening. Getting the Arctic Freezer into the case is no mean feat, but I have managed it a couple of times. Also added a couple of case fans. But lately the cpu temp does not seem to stay below 50c without the cooler and case fan running on high most of the time (controlled by speedfan, tho same happens when bios controlled). It used to run at 40c without the fans constantly kicking in. Should I try reseating the cooler (perhaps with Arctic Silver this time), or consider a new cooler?

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  1. Are you overclocking? If not then any decent aftermarket heat sink is more than fine (usually) and if its not overclocked then something is either seriously wrong with your CPU, the power its receiving, the dust in your computer, or the seating of your heat sink.

    Remember when applying new thermal paste (if your going to re-seat it), you need to scrape clean all the old stuff off, and the idea is not to put lots on but to put as little as you can but still covering the entire surface.
  2. Thanks. Not overclocking. I will take it apart and check everything, then reseat. As it sits on my desktop it gets plenty of air, and of course sound is an issue.
  3. OK. I did what I said, took it apart, cleaned the old paste off, reinstalled the cooler. No change, idling around 50 and fans spinning fast. So I got a Noctua UH-U9B. Installed pretty easily, and immediately idle went to 28. I then swapped system fan as well. While plugging things in, I bumped the cooler and the computer shut down instantly. This happened two more times. Now it is idling at 40 degrees, better than before, but what happened to the great read I got in the beginning? Is it related to bumping the tower, and does the shutdown indicate some sort of cpu problem?
  4. I'm not familiar with your HSF but it could be a short in the fan causeing it to stop and not register, or a faulty temp sensor somewhere.

    This is most likely irrelevent now but you can clean off your paste, use nail polish remover to clean it good, then sand down the heat sync copper pad so it is perfectly smooth. Reapply paste and your good to go. Thoes simple steps dropped the temps on my Phenom 9550 (way back in the day) by around 10 degrees C.
  5. Well maybe because it is a "NH-U9B." Anyway, going to try cleaning (I use isopropyl alcohol) and repasting; maybe I used too much.
  6. Temps went to 50 at idle, so did the reseating. The cooler has two fans, and it turns out the y-adapter connecting them is defective, so only one was running. Also looks like I had too much paste before. So idle is now back down to 40 from 50. But when I started this process I had an idle of 30 at first, so why can't I get it back there?
  7. I looked up the cooler on newegg and it seems to simply be a terrible product. It's either hit or miss if yours works well or not. Might want to try a new heat sync.
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