New build which mobo

Iam in the process of a new build, Iam going with the I7 920 which I would like to over clock to 3.5-3.8.
cpu- I7 920
psu ultra X3 1000watt
gpu-Msi 275gtx lighting
case- antec 1200
sound-ausentech prelude 7.1
os- win 7 pro 64 bit

Iam unsure which mobo, I don't sli so I don't need all those extra slots but I like features like clear cmos button, if Iam going for a over clock of 3.5-3.8 are the budget boards heat sinks going to be enough to stay stable, my case has great cooling 3 120s up front 1 120 on the side and 2 120 in back and the big one uptop my ambient temps are 68-70s. My budget for mobo is 200.00-250.00, I've been using a msi mobo for 2yrs with no problems, I do alot of gaming and photo stuff. your input would be greatly appreciated thanks :sol:
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  1. Asus P6T is a good cheap board, it'll do everything you need it to. $240 from

    or theres a dumb down version (P6T SE) for $40 cheaper, mainly has no SLI support (since you don't need it), doesn't have Japanese solid capacitors (if they even make much differences), missing some eSATA thing or something like that (have a look on ASUS website for complete list of differences)

    I wouldn't call any of the x58 from Gigabyte or ASUS budget boards.

    Just wondering why do you need a 1000watt PSU? your system won't use close to 1000watts

    OC i7 - 150watts Max
    GTX275 - 250watts Max

    these two are your man power consumers and that's only 400watts max combined.

    a good 650watt-750watt is more than fine, 850watts is more than fine if want extra room to SLI in future
  2. I got the psu as a gift, the P6T looks good thanks
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