Cooling fan below d smps, pc did not start why?

Hi my systems a intel core2duo,2gb ram, 1gb gpu zotac 9500gt,smps 230v.
recently i tried to fit a cooling fan in my case below the smps nd then tried 2 start my pc but it didnt as soon as i removed d fan it started i took it back 2 d shop but d engineer there told me it was due 2 less power supply my gpu nd processor take half d supply so when i inserted d fan d gpu or ram must have got less power nd hence did not start. i want 2 know if it is true or was he bluffing nd if it is true how to fix this problem because my pc temp heats up at points while i play my games?
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  1. What is the rating on the power supply? How many watts is it rated for and what is the make and model number? You could be way under powered.
  2. 230 volts or something
  3. I feel that my gpu nd processer take almost all d supply so when d fan also joined d cpu must have gone under power therefore it did not start plz can anyone give sum gud advise or help

  4. hey anyone there plz i realy need help on dis one my gpu is overheating nd i have 2 put a case fan
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