Is S5000PAL and E5310 combination outdated?

Hi All,

I am planning to build a new Server which is used mainly as storage server ( with RAID option) at home.

I am planning to use the Intel E5310 Quad Core and Intel S5000 Motherboard combination. I know these are not latest but i don't want to spend lot of money on this.

I am wondering whether these are outdated..

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  1. No, not too outdated but probably a lot more expensive than you need to go, unless you already have them.

    A home server generally has a lot lower performance requirements than your typical home PC. Is there any reason you are looking for a Xeon server for home? Most people just use their older PC for a home server.
  2. Hi,

    thanks for your reply.

    I already have the processor , case (EATX Compatible) and psu (OCZ 500W) . i need the RAM and motherboard.

    I am not sure whether 500W PS will be enough for this. I am not planning to get a hardware RAID Card as i will be using ZFS-RAID +Ubuntu Server edition.

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