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Hi all - I am looking to install two 3.5" drives (one Scythe fan speed controller, one Logisys card reader) in the front bays of my HAF 932.

The HAF 932 comes with hardware for one 3.5" FDD device - I would like to purchase one more 3.5" FDD holder, and the matching 5 1/4" shield (per manual terminology) with the 3.5" cutout, to mount in front of the case where the optical drives and SSDs are installed.

Any ideas? My last resort is to pull off a 3.5" holder from an old computer, and then to customize (lot of work) one of the full sized 5 1/4 shields rendered surplus by the installation of the optical drive.

I thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Found what I was looking for from Cooler Master (Accessories).
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