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So i'm thinking about buying 3 monitors and using eyefinity on my 5870,
which monitor would u recommend?
all I need is at least 22" and good value, don't want to pay alot of money for it.
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  1. If you're going to hook up 3 monitors, one of them needs a display port ( Like this one) Or are you going to use an active converter?
    Do you want all three to be the same monitor, and how much do you consider alot?
  2. i'm just gonna gonna go with 3 of the same monitors, all DVI, alot is about 300 $ per monitor
  3. You'll need something like this Active DP to DVI , I've seen some cheap ones around $60, but I can't suggest any specific one.

    As for the monitors themselves, this one is quite cheap Sceptre - Newegg .
    I've used Sceptre before and had no problems with them, but if you want a better brand name, the ASUS would be a great choice.
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